About Par 3 Golf

Par 3 originated in America and is a golf course where all the holes are par 3 and up to 200 yards. They are also called Executive golf courses.Many pitch and putt golf courses were opened and were wrongly called par 3 where the holes would only be 50/ 60 yards
Liffey Valley is a full par 3 golf course based on the same idea as the par 3 in Augusta National golf club where the Masters is played and where they play the par 3 competition the day before the main event.
Liffey Valley is constructed to top quality greens where a golfer can go and play the game from up to 200 yards in the same way you would on a full golf course and the greens are of the same standard.
Our Par 3 has another great advantage as the beginner can use the golf course to sharpen up his game and learn how to play from 200 yards which is the most important part of any golf game. It also means they use less time as a full round at Liffey Valley would probably not take more than about two hours yet give you the benefit as if you had played a full round of golf.

Another most important part of par 3 golf is it is ideal for ladies to play because they get the benefit of hitting every shot that you would need to play on a full-size golf course because they play off the same tees as the men.

Also within the complex we have a pitch and putt with holes up to 70 yards which is ideally suited for children who can play for FREE when accompanied by an adult .

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